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Positively recommend…

I had worked in an intense corporate environment and been exposed to several people going off with mental health issues. For me that meant they had been either too weak or were finding excuses to have time out. A number of issues piled on for me and I ‘popped’. By popped I mean I just felt emotionally overwhelmed and completely out of sorts.

The thought of waking up and doing my thing became one thing I wasn’t capable of. My head said a therapist meant I was seriously ill and not capable of having a normal life. Everything was disappearing in front of me. The reality is that the support I have had from Sobia helped me to reset and start over. I have worked through past issues which had impacted me and addressed the route cause of my issues and anxiety. I would positively recommend anyone to find someone they trust and can work with to help them identify problems and issues and work through them. The experience and life I now have has enabled me to feel connected and enlightened to my emotions and self.

(August 2016)


I first thought that I did not need anybody’s help…

In February 2017 I had a severe accident at work and spent over 2 months in hospital. I had major surgery to save my life and rebuild my pelvis.

On leaving hospital I was referred to have some psychological counselling, the reason for this was that even though my injuries were healing I was feeling low and had feelings of low esteem about myself, I was worrying what people thought of me seeing me in a wheelchair and at this time I didn’t know how my injuries would leave me, as I saw it I was cripple, severely disabled and worthless person and now useless.

At first I thought I could cope without this type of counselling, after all I’m a man used to being the one in charge, a doer type of person, a bread winner a hard worker and strong willed I could recover on my own. Unfortunately with injuries I had the road to recovery would be long and hard and still is, my confidence was low and letting others do things for me was so frustrating and I thought humiliating.

With my sessions with Dr Khan I was able with her to talk about what happened to me and tell her about my frustrations my anxieties, something that I found difficult to do with my wife, family or friends. During the sessions Dr Khan helped me to move on put things in to perceptive, letting others help me, discuss my problems and my fears more easily, and come to terms with my injuries that even though they were severe I was healing slowly and that there was light at the end of the tunnel and not dwell too much on my injuries as that could hold me back on my recovery.

As my confidence returned I was able to put my anxieties to one side concentrate on getting better stop worrying what people thought of me, go out and do normal things with my family. This to me was a big turning point for me a weight lifted off me, I still thought about my problems but they we’re now not holding me back.

With the help of the counselling with Dr Khan I was able to return to the scene of my accident and confront where it happened something that I had dreaded, but I still found it a daunting experience but couldn’t done this without  her help.

At the end of the treatment sessions I now feel that I am almost back to my pre accident self, yes I have life changing injuries that the scars will possible stay with for rest of my life and my emotions can still get the better of me but I feel that I can now cope with my day to day life and look forward doing things like going out, meeting people plan holidays and not feel I’m a worthless.

I first I thought that I did not need anybody’s help let alone help from a psychologist after all I’m a man I can do this on my own, the session taught me that I’m still the same person I was before my accident and that others can help and want to help and it’s not sign of weakness to have help.

I found Dr Khan was very kind and approachable person in the sessions she explained how and why to what we were doing in a way that I could understand which made the session beneficial to my recovery.

(May 2016)


Very helpful…

I was at a point in my life where I needed help, I didn’t know where to turn. With the understanding, care and advice provided I can now look at the future with a clearer and more positive view. I would recommend these guys to anyone at any point of their psychological journey.

(December 2016)


Changed my life…

I hadn’t realised how much anxiety had affected me since my teens. Sobia helped me to understand how it started and why I was feeling stuck. I now feel free and more confident in life and I have the information and coping strategies to help me if it starts again. I am now progressing with my goals in life, which is a relief after spending so many years feeling like a failure. Thank you for your help.

(January 2017)


Best decision…

I felt listened to, understood, and heard. I felt worried about seeing a psychologist but I felt at ease. Sobia was easy going and down to earth which made it more comfortable for me to talk about my issues. I don’t feel insecure and worried in relationships like I used to.

(November 2016)



I have had problems with my mood for as long as I can remember and didn’t believe it could be different. I now enjoy life and rarely think about the past. Mindfulness has helped me a lot.

(April 2017)

Feel like I can do anything…

When I started therapy with Sobia, I had been experiencing lots of disturbing thoughts which occupied my mind, along with countless irrational worries and concerns simultaneously. I was unable to find peace during my waking life and my nights were filled with vivid and exhausting nightmares. I was on a vicious cycle of anxiety and stress which I could not see an end to, and carried a general feeling uselessness and worthlessness around with me. I can honestly say that my therapy, although not easy, was the best six months of my life to that end date!! I can now sleep easy, have the luxury of just a single thought at any one time, and I rarely worry!! The things that were holding me back have left my mind, and I think the EMDR process was a massive contributing factor to this! Since concluding therapy I have embraced new experiences with confidence; travelled alone to the other side of the world, secured a new job which I love, and now I am about to move to another city. I feel like I can do anything, and feel totally free and without fear!The irony is, that the only overthinking I have done since finishing my therapy, is about writing this review, purely because my life has changed so much, I cannot express it all in a short paragraph! Sobia’s style suited me as she applied a ‘no-nonsense’ approach which I respond to, yet with sensitivity and practical advice. She quickly understood what I needed in order for me to engage with her and the therapy, and I will personally be forever in her debt and professionally hold her in the highest regard as a therapist.

(July 2017)