Changed my life (Anony)

I hadn’t realised how much anxiety had affected me since my teens. Sobia helped me to understand how it started and why I was feeling stuck. I now feel free and more confident in life and I have the information and coping strategies to help me if it starts again. I am now progressing with my goals in life, which is a relief after spending so many years feeling like a failure. Thank you for your help.

Very helpful (PJ)

I was at a point in my life where I needed help, I didn’t know where to turn. With the understanding, care and advice provided I can now look at the future with a clearer and more positive view. I would recommend these guys to anyone at any point of their psychological journey.

Best decision

I felt listened to, understood, and heard. I felt worried about seeing a psychologist but I felt at ease. Sobia was easy going and down to earth which made it more comfortable for me to talk about my issues. I don’t feel insecure and worried in relationships like I used to.


I have had problems with my mood for as long as I can remember and didn’t believe it could be different. I now enjoy life and rarely think about the past. Mindfulness has helped me a lot.