Our Services

At Utopia Psychological Services we offer a range of services to meet the needs of:

  • private patients
  • organisations in the medical and social care professions
  • legal professions

Utopia Psychological Services

For private patients, for medical professions, social care professions and legal professions

Our Services for private patients and referrals

We offer a wide range of services for private clients and referrals, backgrounds and issues. A short list of the services we offer include:

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Our services for training in the medical and social care professions

Find out the range of training that we offer for organisations and individuals, including the medical and social care professions:

What you get at Utopia Psychological Services

Therapists have 13 years experience, are fully accredited and insured to practice privately.

Therapists have met rigorous selection criteria and are vetted to ensure you receive the best support.

Administrative assistance is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.