Assessment & Treatment

How it works

In your first session with me I will hope to go over as much information as possible with you about the past, present and your hopes for the future. This assessment will then enable us to develop an understanding/ hypothesis (formulation) about:

1) What your current difficulties are
2) The factors in your early life that may be contributing to these difficulties
3) Any recent events which may have triggered your current problems
4) what is preventing you from getting better or reaching your goals
5) What your strengths are or what resources you have which will help you to get better
6) What your goals are

Care plan/ Treatment plan
Once we have gathered the above information we can develop a care plan or a treatment plan. This will be based on my recommendation of what psychological therapy I think would be helpful for you. This will be based on the most up to date clinical research and also on guidance from the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). In drawing up this plan we would take into consideration which goals you would like to prioritise. This plan would also take into account what you are able to afford. I am able to design a psychological intervention which is brief (1-6 sessions), or medium (6-20) to longer term (20 +).